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In life, timing is everything, for good or ill. (“If I hadn’t decided to turn right at the corner just then, I never would have [met my soulmate] [been hit by that dump truck].”) Tur was a young NBC foreign correspondent living the life in London and spending romantic weekends in Paris, when a quick trip back to the States just happened to coincide with NBC’s decision to put someone on Donald Trump’s improbable (“ridiculous,” “hilarious”) presidential campaign.

Hail And Farewell (or Hail Hail Rock 'n' Roll)

     I’ve been writing for the Lighthouse Peddler for years now, yet each month I wonder what idea, event, or emotion will surface as the stimulus for an essay. Without fail my mind’s journey almost always touches on the arts in general, or some specific musician or filmmaker or event. Most months I’m as surprised as anyone by the topic that becomes central to my column. And then, like a gift from the mysterious muse, the keys of my MacBook begin to make noise and a few hours later I read what I’ve written.

Max Linhares DeCristoforo is an 11-year-old boy who could read at a very young age and for whom books have been a comfort throughout his childhood. A passionate reader, he rarely leaves the house without a book. So when his parents, Cindy and Lora, were trying to think of a Christmas present for Max who doesn’t long for much, aside from the typical interest in video games and who loves to visit the bookstore in their home town of Sacramento, Cindy thought about one of Max's favorite bookstores, Four-Eyed Frog Books.

Words On Wellness: Winter on the Coast, Red Alder

January is a month that embodies the true starkness of winter on the coast.  While it may be sunny, much native foliage, has tucked its juiciness under the soil.  This natural inclination towards vegetative slumber when the sun draws a low arc across the sky, is an adaptation to rest and repair.  It may look like nothing much is going on for the red alder. . . .