The Dream of a World in a Holy Mind by Micah Sanger

The Dream of a World in a Holy Mind by Micah Sanger

Deep in the River, he looked out at Inlăkesh and on all the life forms of the landscape—birds, deer, coyotes, ground squirrels, insects, clouds, and trees. 

In an instant, Tobe had the most unexpected and bizarre experience. The images of Inlăkesh did not rest upon an exterior world at all! Incredibly, they were images in this Mind—like holograms projected into a dreamscape—all hovering in this vast Mind!

How is this possible?!

“This Mind is holy and limitless!” Tobe could hear Auriel say, “It contains all minds and their individual dreams.”

As Tobe moved deeper into the revelation of Mind, this Mind felt increasingly holy. He saw the deepening perfection of things around him.

Everything resonated with purity, light, and love—interacting in total harmony within this field of Mind.

It seemed to Tobe that he was looking at some well-made watch—a cosmic, watch, alive and on a huge scale, with all the gears and pieces precisely spinning and turning—ticking in time, creating the intricate, orderly design of the dream of Inlăkesh. And Tobe felt the Love of the River flowing through it all.

Tobe’s awareness entered back into his body. He stood speechless next to Auriel. Finally he said, “The Mind is glorious beyond imagining . . . and this world is more wondrous than I could have ever envisioned.”

A bird came to rest on a nearby branch as Auriel and Tobe passed. Its happy, crystal-clear warble filled the air. Tobe stopped and looked. This bird was such a delightful wonder to look upon with its sparkling eyes, delicate feathers, and its tiny, jointed talons holding firm to the branch. Its life and its exquisite appearance, too, were pure perfection. He felt the sublime mystery of the bird’s existence, taking his breath away, as he began to sense the intelligence and will of Mind projecting the bird’s form into the mental landscape of Inlăkesh.

Tobe turned towards Auriel. “Everything is much more than it seems, and the miracle of what’s going on we don’t even suspect.”

Auriel, smiling, looked at Tobe and said, “Your life now will be even more astounding as you watch the Mind, which is also yours, dreaming this world.”

Tobe stood there looking in amazement at Inlăkesh. “Is there any more incredible vision to see than the dreaming of the world?”

A soft glow came to Auriel’s smile, “Oh, yes indeed, there is: the vision of what you really ARE!”


Micah Sanger

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