Zen Is Ten: The Zen House, A Decade On The Coast Get To Know The Creators Of An Iconic Motorcycle and ATV Refuge in Pt. Arena

It’s a haven that exudes warmth and welcoming, and is exactly what you’d hope to find as you travel the roads, highways, and byways of northern California. Locals and visitors alike, everyone who rides their bike or ATV into The Zen House (or has it towed, shipped, or walks it in) appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of world-class service. And it’s delivered with a small town friendliness.

Scuttlebutt: Solar Power in California

It is estimated that installing a solar system and complying with other energy-efficiency measures required will add about $9,500 to the cost of a new home, according the the California Energy Commission. That would be offset by about $19,000 in expected energy and maintenance savings over 30 years.

Jazzed Up And Ready To Go

One of my most memorable moments happened while in The Netherlands for the North Sea Jazz Festival. Meeting for dinner at a restaurant in The Hague (my memory tells me it was called "Roberts".) More important than “where” was “who”. Seven of us spent the evening socializing, but more importantly I found myself sandwiched between producer Tommy Lipuma (on my left) and Jazz great McCoy Tyner on my right. The dinner was memorable, but I have no memory of the food. I spent my time listening to the stories Tyner told, including some during his time with Coltrane's "Classic Quartet.