Zen Is Ten: The Zen House, A Decade On The Coast Get To Know The Creators Of An Iconic Motorcycle and ATV Refuge in Pt. Arena

It’s a haven that exudes warmth and welcoming, and is exactly what you’d hope to find as you travel the roads, highways, and byways of northern California. Locals and visitors alike, everyone who rides their bike or ATV into The Zen House (or has it towed, shipped, or walks it in) appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of world-class service. And it’s delivered with a small town friendliness.

Scuttlebutt: Solar Power in California

It is estimated that installing a solar system and complying with other energy-efficiency measures required will add about $9,500 to the cost of a new home, according the the California Energy Commission. That would be offset by about $19,000 in expected energy and maintenance savings over 30 years.

Jazzed Up And Ready To Go

One of my most memorable moments happened while in The Netherlands for the North Sea Jazz Festival. Meeting for dinner at a restaurant in The Hague (my memory tells me it was called "Roberts".) More important than “where” was “who”. Seven of us spent the evening socializing, but more importantly I found myself sandwiched between producer Tommy Lipuma (on my left) and Jazz great McCoy Tyner on my right. The dinner was memorable, but I have no memory of the food. I spent my time listening to the stories Tyner told, including some during his time with Coltrane's "Classic Quartet.

Indian Horse: A Book Review

We meet Saul Indian Horse as he begins his life story. He’s been encouraged to write his memoir as part of a recovery program at The New Dawn Centre where he’s being treated as a self-described hard-core drunk. Telling his story might, he figures, get him “out of this place” more quickly. And what a story he tells.

In the Spotlight, Seeking Sanctuary

Driven by hunger, the surviving killer whales ventured into California waters, into Greater Farallones and Monterey Bay national marine sanctuaries. In 2000 researchers in Monterey Bay first documented members of the K and L pods. Subsequent years found them off Bodega Head, Point Arena, the Columbia River and other “new” feeding grounds. Here, at last, lay hope for them.

Ya, Youbetcha Notes from the Midwest. Are You Still Hip? - Part IV By: Sally Marshall

 I was hired as the bookkeeper with a “Girl Friday” position attached to it that I greatly enjoyed. My office was in a large room with a worn carpet that had a big hole in the middle. The large windows had those old rubber-backed drapes that were shredded with age; and the exteriors were occupied by a community of wasps who eyed me menacingly. “Worn out” did not describe this room adequately! My work space included an antiquated walnut accounting desk that was charming in an old-fashioned way, and an old wooden kitchen chair.  The tools for starting my job consisted of a yellow ruled pad, pencil and ancient black telephone. I would literally be creating this office and leapt to the challenge with my usual fervor, learning all about how an organic cooperative does business.

Humpback Whales Celebrate World Ocean Day 2018

Humpbacks are denizens of the world’s oceans, from the Arctic to the Antarctic and nearly everywhere in between. Those who have seen humpbacks can understand why they make such outstanding “ambassadors of the sea” – with their size, and elegantly long pectoral fins – their name, Megaptera novaeangliae, actually means “Long-winged of New England.”

According to the late Al Jarreau, “You have to make a decided effort to not get seduced by the Blues.” Accepting that, why not save a little wear and tear on your body and soul and just get into the blues. Arena Theater makes it easy. With the Blues On The Coast series, you’ll find some of the best players around, and June is no exception. This month Nick Schnebelen and his trio take center stage at Arena Theater Saturday, June 23. 

Standing By

     Personal beliefs for some, we often see as biases for others; likes and dislikes all become apparent when we reflect on the things that are important to us. Over time we may adjust those beliefs, temper those biases, or embrace something we earlier eschewed. Consider our memories. Growing up, my great aunt Violet was as important to me as my parents. Easily 40-50 years my senior, Aunt Vi was a truly good human being whose affection and wisdom were never missing. I found myself thinking of her this week for a somewhat unexpected reason.